Accessories with that outfit? Don’t Mind If I DO!



I love the look of a simple outfit adorned with ACCESSORIES! Accessories give you unlimited options to dress up or down an outfit! Their entire purpose for existing is to enhance and add style!

Not sure how to put it all together? Not a problem! Let’s talk about some simple Do’s for accessories.

DO choose pieces that are timeless and don’t be afraid to throw in a couple of indulgent, statement pieces.

DO mix metals (silver, gold, rose gold, etc) and stones.

DO layer and stack necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Do have FUN!

Shoes, hats, sunglasses, belts and scarves are all great accessories that can be mixed and matched! One of my favorite guilty pleasures is SHOES! Sometimes I….Ok, most of the time I choose my shoes first, then I select my outfit. 🙂 I find it so exciting to take a Little Black Dress, for example and give it a boost by adding fabulous shoes, a snake embossed belt at the waist and make you gasp jewelry! It’s a kind of like a magic show…..Before accessories: Great outfit, After accessories: AMAZING outfit!

A little blog homework for you! I was a big nerd in school and I loved homework. Lucky for you STYLE homework is so much fun! Get in your closet and select a couple of your favorite outfits and see how many ways you can change the look with the accessories you already have. You will be absolutely amazed at how many looks you can achieve out of one outfit simply by changing the accessories! Ok my little STYLE magicians….let’s get to work!

B. Blessed!



The Male Style….

Ok Gentlemen….                    Listen Up!

Ok Gentlemen…..Listen Up! Women are not the only ones who need to be concerned with their style. I know I put a great deal of effort into looking my best not only for myself but also for my man. I think most women will agree when I say….”We like a man who puts time into his style and appearance…..although not too much, just the right amount. :)”

So Gentlemen let’s put forth an effort to look your best, for yourself and for your lady…..or for your future mate!  For those men who are already pretty stylish….I applaud you! Stick around and get some great ideas!

Just like with women’s apparel, mens clothing should fit properly. No more sagging, loose fitting jeans, pants and shorts. Instead look for those that fit your body. It’s amazing the difference you will see when your pants actually fit. I guarantee if your pants are to big, those ill fitting pants make you appear much larger than you actually are! Your tops should also fit and contour your body. Add in nice shoes, a belt and you have yourself a nice looking man!

Let’s take a look at a casual option. Notice the shorts are not baggy and they actually fit the gentleman well. Add a basic cotton button up and some Converse Chucks and you are ready! This is great for a night out with the guys or a casual date with your love.

Headed to work? Not a problem for our stylish gentleman. Pair a nice fitting button up, pants, and add a little pizazz with a great belt and you are set! This can transfer easily into an evening out.

If you are ready to take the next step….let’s bump up the style! This ensemble is excellent! Striped button up, navy tie, vest, blazer, a great pair of jeans and great accessories (watch and belt). If I came across this gentleman in the street, I would definitely take a second look!

So let’s recap…… Fit is very important! Take the time to find items that fit your particular body type well. If you are just starting out on the adventure of style, choose basics that are easily layered and will carry you through the seasons. Items you will need:  Great fitting jeans, pants, and shorts. A couple of casual cotton shirts. Nice button ups and ties. You may find you have most of these items in your closet. Great! Make sure they fit well!

Remember Gentlemen…..Fashion is here to enhance what is already there….think of it as a tool!

Do YOU and do it with a little STYLE!

B. Blessed!


Keep it Simple but Stylish!

So, we have discussed your inner STYLE, now let’s tackle your outer STYLE!

 Many of you may be thinking…..”I don’t have the time to get all gussied up or I’m not sure what to put together.” You are not alone! That’s why I am here! Let’s jump on in……

 Let’s begin with some basics. A great pair of jeans can carry you throughout all of the seasons. When choosing a pair of jeans, the fit and color are most important. As women we do not all have the same shape, so it’s important to find a designer brand that has many options. I say designer brand because I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for. I am also a strong believer in saving $$$$! You can find designer brands at discounted prices in many stores….Marshalls, TJ Max,  Loehmans, etc. Every girl has a great button up….hopefully! Fit is also important here. Choose a button up that contours the waist line and stay away from bulging when buttoned (this means it’s to small). Pair your great fitting jeans, button up shirt, fun shoes, and  a pop of color with jewelry and you are ready to tackle the day! Add a lightweight blazer for a little more pizazz! This outfit is so easy but says so much! You can run errands, pick up the kidletts from school, and go to a meeting feeling confident and stylish!

This is an example of how to get the same look with a t-shirt! I am not a huge fan of the black bra….easy fix!

This look is so easy to achieve! Now, get in your closet and have fun putting it together. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to this look. Remember, this should be fun and no one can do YOU quite like YOU!

B. Blessed!


Put Your Best Face Forward

Put your BEST FACE forward!

Usually the first thing people see when they look at you, is your face!  One very easy way to give your style a boost is with your makeup! I am a big fan of easy, no fuss makeup. So, I am going to share some of my favorites with you!

Great makeup starts with a fresh, well moisturized face. I am a big fan of Anew products. Anew has a broad line of skin care… can cleanse, moisturize, protect (SPF), and reduce wrinkles. That’s my kind of product! It’s kind of like having reconstructive surgery without having to go under the knife. Anew is on Oprah’s Favorites List!

You must have a great face primer….the primer helps keep all of the makeup you put on stay put. One of my favorites is by E.L.F. You can pick it up the next time you are in Target!

A great foundation is the next step. I use Smooth Minerals from Avon….I know, Avon! Believe me, I was so surprised with their foundation because I have been a faithful MAC Cosmetics user for years! It gives me medium coverage and a smooth easy finish! It’s also a great price…..and that’s great for the budget 🙂

Two must haves for me are Glimmersticks eyeliner and SuperShock Mascara…..both also from Avon. For some crazy reason my eye makeup tends to run down my face as the day progresses. Glimmerstick eyeliner keeps my eyes lined with bold color all day minus the smudges. Ok, I am OBSESSED with SuperShock Mascara! Literally obsessed! I love the false lash look but hate the hassle. SuperShock mascara gives you 15x the volume of your normal lash length. What woman doesn’t want that?! Whenever I am filming, the makeup artists on set always uses my SuperShock…’s that good!

There are so many products out there….believe me I have tried them. These Avon products are my absolute favorites. I love them so much, I started selling them! SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!!! These are products I can get behind because I use them and love them!e I’m a Momma on a budget and I also want designer quality without paying designer prices!  I would love for you to try them! I’m your hookup! Simply go to this site and try my favorites! Hopefully they will become your new favorites!

Makeup is a fun and easy way to put a little excitement in your day! Some of us are better at it than others….and that is OK. I will share all of my beauty tricks and secrets.

B. Blessed,


Style…..Let’s talk about it!

STYLE….   Let’s Talk About It!

Today was a wonderful day for me! It started with a family snuggle first thing this morning, then church, then more snuggles, a little playtime and a wonderful meeting with some of my greatest friends. Throughout the day I pondered on what to blog about first. After spending time with some of my amazing friends, I knew exactly what to talk about…..STYLE. When you think of what style is, most think of fashion or how someone carries themselves. I believe it is both of those things and so much more.

So, let’s talk about it! I dressed up just for the occasion (notice my fab pic…rest assured I am properly stylish while writing this post :)!  Whenever I help someone with their image or style, I first ask them a series of questions. For example, I have them tell me a little about themselves and who they are…..or what they hope others know about them. I believe your personal style starts from the inside out. You can’t look your best on the outside if the inside is a mess. I’m going deep ya’ll! If I come in to help you with your image….of course I can dress you in fantastic clothes and give you hair and makeup tips because I can see the outer beauty and it’s potential. However, if you can not see what I see on the outside because something is holding you back on the inside, the changes I can help you make will not last. You have to see all of the wonderful qualities that are uniquely and wonderfully YOU! Once you value yourself and see the greatness you have to offer the world, you will want to present yourself in that way and thus the world will see it too!

Ok…..a little blog homework 🙂  Spend some time thinking of the qualities you love about yourself and some you’re not so fond of….write them down. Force yourself to see the positives! Take a look at the qualities you may not like and figure out how you can embrace them and love yourself enough to make those negatives into positives. Once you have done this, we can now work on your outer image. Remember no one does YOU better than YOU do. So, Stop comparing yourself to others and embrace YOU!

I hope this inspires you! We will definitely tackle the logistics of fashion but let’s do a little work on the heart first 🙂

B. Blessed!


Hello world!

Welcome to my World! Here I will chat about putting the Proper Style in Everything you do! I strongly believe presentation is everything. In this blog I will show you how to put style in all you do! I hope you enjoy!

B. Blessed!