Style…..Let’s talk about it!

STYLE….   Let’s Talk About It!

Today was a wonderful day for me! It started with a family snuggle first thing this morning, then church, then more snuggles, a little playtime and a wonderful meeting with some of my greatest friends. Throughout the day I pondered on what to blog about first. After spending time with some of my amazing friends, I knew exactly what to talk about…..STYLE. When you think of what style is, most think of fashion or how someone carries themselves. I believe it is both of those things and so much more.

So, let’s talk about it! I dressed up just for the occasion (notice my fab pic…rest assured I am properly stylish while writing this post :)!  Whenever I help someone with their image or style, I first ask them a series of questions. For example, I have them tell me a little about themselves and who they are…..or what they hope others know about them. I believe your personal style starts from the inside out. You can’t look your best on the outside if the inside is a mess. I’m going deep ya’ll! If I come in to help you with your image….of course I can dress you in fantastic clothes and give you hair and makeup tips because I can see the outer beauty and it’s potential. However, if you can not see what I see on the outside because something is holding you back on the inside, the changes I can help you make will not last. You have to see all of the wonderful qualities that are uniquely and wonderfully YOU! Once you value yourself and see the greatness you have to offer the world, you will want to present yourself in that way and thus the world will see it too!

Ok…..a little blog homework 🙂  Spend some time thinking of the qualities you love about yourself and some you’re not so fond of….write them down. Force yourself to see the positives! Take a look at the qualities you may not like and figure out how you can embrace them and love yourself enough to make those negatives into positives. Once you have done this, we can now work on your outer image. Remember no one does YOU better than YOU do. So, Stop comparing yourself to others and embrace YOU!

I hope this inspires you! We will definitely tackle the logistics of fashion but let’s do a little work on the heart first 🙂

B. Blessed!



9 thoughts on “Style…..Let’s talk about it!

  1. Very insightful Wendy! Our inner self is so important and should be worked on sincerely and honestly. Stylish clothing look so much better on a peaceful and happy person. BTW, gorgeous picture. Good luck with the blog. Are you a stylist or designer too? Ann

  2. Good for you!! I’m a hopeless jeans, sneakers and T-shirt girl. Striding the Red Carpet in Cannes last month was a great chance to show my inner “lady” and I had a blast. Be well.

    • Who doesn’t love agreat pair of jeans, a cozy T and fun sneaks! I say yes to all 3…..just be selective about cut,style and color! You can be very stylish in comfy clothes!

  3. So, weekend shopping in the ATL, with advice from Wendy buzzing in my ear. Hit the 50% off sale at Loft and H & M, and got two pair of skinny leg jeans- one in distressed pink and one in dark purple. Selected a pair of dark gold straight leg jeans too. I picked up a short sleeve white shrug in a loose open knit, a mauve tank top with a nice knotted neckline detail and a loose blouse with purple and pink splashes of color on white. No tee-shirts, no blue jeans, nothing too loose! I’m very proud of myself. Now if it weren’t 107 degrees outside, I might feel like wearing something other than a bathing suit….. Geez it’s hot down this summer.
    Thank you Wendy, for the input on going beyond the “jeans and tee shirt” and still being a comfy tom-boy! My husband really liked the skinny jeans!

    • Hi Ann! I am so proud of you! It takes a lot for people to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves towards greatness….in this case style greatness 🙂 Great Job!!! I can tell by your post you are feeling great about the changes you have made! I love the fact your husband noticed and liked your change as well! Isn’t it amazing how changing a few things in your wardrobe can produce such positive results in your heart and mind? It is the absolute favorite part of my job as a stylist! Congratulations Ann and keep PUTTING A LITTLE STYLE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!


      • Haha! My sweet little neighbor who just graduated from high school was with me. She is so totally a fashionista. I picked my own items, but I did ask for her nod of approval before I checked out. Oh, the pressure to be cool!

      • That’s wonderful! However, I would not call it the “pressure” of being cool….I would say the “JOY” of being stylish!

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