Keep it Simple but Stylish!

So, we have discussed your inner STYLE, now let’s tackle your outer STYLE!

 Many of you may be thinking…..”I don’t have the time to get all gussied up or I’m not sure what to put together.” You are not alone! That’s why I am here! Let’s jump on in……

 Let’s begin with some basics. A great pair of jeans can carry you throughout all of the seasons. When choosing a pair of jeans, the fit and color are most important. As women we do not all have the same shape, so it’s important to find a designer brand that has many options. I say designer brand because I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for. I am also a strong believer in saving $$$$! You can find designer brands at discounted prices in many stores….Marshalls, TJ Max,  Loehmans, etc. Every girl has a great button up….hopefully! Fit is also important here. Choose a button up that contours the waist line and stay away from bulging when buttoned (this means it’s to small). Pair your great fitting jeans, button up shirt, fun shoes, and  a pop of color with jewelry and you are ready to tackle the day! Add a lightweight blazer for a little more pizazz! This outfit is so easy but says so much! You can run errands, pick up the kidletts from school, and go to a meeting feeling confident and stylish!

This is an example of how to get the same look with a t-shirt! I am not a huge fan of the black bra….easy fix!

This look is so easy to achieve! Now, get in your closet and have fun putting it together. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to this look. Remember, this should be fun and no one can do YOU quite like YOU!

B. Blessed!



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