The Male Style….

Ok Gentlemen….                    Listen Up!

Ok Gentlemen…..Listen Up! Women are not the only ones who need to be concerned with their style. I know I put a great deal of effort into looking my best not only for myself but also for my man. I think most women will agree when I say….”We like a man who puts time into his style and appearance…..although not too much, just the right amount. :)”

So Gentlemen let’s put forth an effort to look your best, for yourself and for your lady…..or for your future mate!  For those men who are already pretty stylish….I applaud you! Stick around and get some great ideas!

Just like with women’s apparel, mens clothing should fit properly. No more sagging, loose fitting jeans, pants and shorts. Instead look for those that fit your body. It’s amazing the difference you will see when your pants actually fit. I guarantee if your pants are to big, those ill fitting pants make you appear much larger than you actually are! Your tops should also fit and contour your body. Add in nice shoes, a belt and you have yourself a nice looking man!

Let’s take a look at a casual option. Notice the shorts are not baggy and they actually fit the gentleman well. Add a basic cotton button up and some Converse Chucks and you are ready! This is great for a night out with the guys or a casual date with your love.

Headed to work? Not a problem for our stylish gentleman. Pair a nice fitting button up, pants, and add a little pizazz with a great belt and you are set! This can transfer easily into an evening out.

If you are ready to take the next step….let’s bump up the style! This ensemble is excellent! Striped button up, navy tie, vest, blazer, a great pair of jeans and great accessories (watch and belt). If I came across this gentleman in the street, I would definitely take a second look!

So let’s recap…… Fit is very important! Take the time to find items that fit your particular body type well. If you are just starting out on the adventure of style, choose basics that are easily layered and will carry you through the seasons. Items you will need:  Great fitting jeans, pants, and shorts. A couple of casual cotton shirts. Nice button ups and ties. You may find you have most of these items in your closet. Great! Make sure they fit well!

Remember Gentlemen…..Fashion is here to enhance what is already there….think of it as a tool!

Do YOU and do it with a little STYLE!

B. Blessed!



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