Fall 2012 Fashion Trends…..

I’m here to make sure you are up to date on the latest FASHION TRENDS for 2012! We will discuss them and how to implement them into your wardrobe.

GOWNS and DRESSES with High Draped necklines! Finally, we can give those strapless bras a rest! This silhouette is extremely sophisticated. Most all body types can wear this high necked, draped look with ease. This trend is oozing romance with it’s ease of draping. Flowing satins and silks are at their best in this trend!

CRIMSON RED is the new black this season. Lucky for me, I’m an Alabama fan…ROLL TIDE ROLL! Needless to say, I’ll be at home in this color trend!  Skirts, dresses, pants, and comfy chic sweats have been seen walking the runways. While most of us will opt for a splash of this color paired with our neutrals, there are those daring few who will rock the look from head to toe! I say, BE BOLD AND GO FOR IT!

One of my all time faves….CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE!! Really, this trend can do no wrong. This look is easy to pull together. Add a chic b&w patterned shirt or blouse for a little more pizazz! And….YES, can wear white all year!

Ok….I’m going to say, “PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION” when wearing this trend.  Who doesn’t love a chunky comfy sweater? They are great. However, they can get out of hand pretty quickly. Use caution when selecting your sweaters. Make sure they are not too big and chunky. Also, your skirt or pants should be a little more fitted to the body. We don’t want you looking bigger than you are….and frumpy. :/ Just be careful!!

This is a fun trend! Cute, contrasting collars! Choose a shape that flatters your face: rounded edges for angular faces, and pointy tips for softer features. This look is for your inner Proper Lady!

The Little White Dress is not only for the summer any more! Add a belt to the LWD (little white dress)! Belting those white dresses gives the illusion of a smaller waist line. Have you noticed a Proper trend going on in the Fall 2012 trends? I have and this makes me very excited!

Wide Brim Hats are in! I love hats! They give a look of sophistication with a hint of mystery! Not to mention, they cover up a bad hair day….and we have ALL had our share of those! This is such a fun way to accessorize an ensemble! Little secret of mine…I like to find hats at Target! They are reasonably priced and always on trend!

Bold Black and White Prints!!! This trend is a great way to make a BOLD statement! You can choose a print from head to toe or keep it simple with selecting one wardrobe item to be your focal point. Add in a pop of color with amazing Crimson Red shoes and you are set!

Bohemian Print Dresses! This is a great trend that embodies a free spirited kind of style. Have fun choosing your prints and add a great little leather jacket to polish off the look! Add in a wide brim hat, if you must! 😉

Plaid is making a come back!!! I love it because it reminds me of the Holidays and whats not to love about the Holidays?! Not to mention….it’s a really fantastic look! Those plaids in Reds and Blacks are making their debut in a big way! Add a little plaid with a great jacket or be bold with a plaid suit!

Ok! So there you have it…some of the most popular Fall 2012 Fashion Trends! Do not get over whelmed with thinking you have to purchase all of these trends and do a wardrobe over haul. Simply pick up a few options and add them to the basics you have in your current wardrobe! Remember, Fashion is a way to express yourself…..so have FUN doing it!

Put the PROPER STYLE in everything you do!

B. Blessed,



The Little Black Dress….


Karl Lagerfeld, you are soooooo RIGHT! The Little Black Dress is a must have for every woman!

When choosing the best LBD for you, know the silhouettes that accentuate your body the best. For example, if you are pear shaped you would want to select A-lines and High Waisted or Empire Waisted cuts. Selecting a silhouette that is perfect for your body is half the battle with any ensemble choice.

There are so many options to choose from! No matter if your style is classic or edgy, there is a LBD for you! I say, when in doubt about choosing an ensemble for an event (big or small) go with the ever faithful LBD!

Worried about your LBD being a bore??? Not a problem! Simply accessorize your LBD with a bold color. Accessorizing your LBD is so much fun because your choices are unlimited! You do not have to worry about patterns clashing or jewelry being to bold. Think of the accessories as the icing on top of a really yummy cake! I love the idea of a colorful coat….when you take it off, you get to reveal a WOW moment underneath with your LBD! Everybody loves a wow moment!

Even the smallest pop of color added by your shoes makes an amazing statement! I am obsessed with shoes! Usually I pick my shoes first and then my outfit :)!!

This is the perfect time to pull out your statement jewelry! The LBD gives you the neutral pallet you need to allow that jewelry to make a BIG statement! Be BOLD and feel confident doing it!

You can be as simple or as bold as you would like with your LITTLE BLACK DRESS! Have fun with it and make heads turn….with the PROPER STYLE, of course!

B. Blessed,


Fighting for Ty…Supporting is VERY STYLISH!


Meet Ty…..He is 5 years old and he is fighting for his life!

Ty is a little boy with Hemophilia & a rare autoimmune disease. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life.
Ty was born with Hemophlia: A rare (& in his case, genetic) disorder that prevents the blood from clotting properly. There is no cure for the disease, however there are treatments available…Between the ages of 2-3 years, he started to develop other symptoms that were not related to hemophilia. Reoccurring fevers, enlarged liver & spleen, low white blood cell count, high liver enzymes, inflamation as well as nodules on the lungs, ect. These ‘flares’ would last anywhere from a week or two, sometimes longer. Ty has been fighting for his life for years….a parent’s worst nightmare! I can not imagine how his amazing mother, Laura has endured while watching her little man suffer!
 He was then tested for anything & everything you could think of, but all blood tests & cultures turned up negative & after about 13 months they were sent to UAB to see a rheumatologist who ended up diagnosing him with an autoimmune disorder called Sarcoidosis. He started treatment for that which consisted of prednisone (steroid) & methatrexate (chemotherapy), & went for almost five months without any flares. When it came time to tapper him off of the steroid, the flares started up again. Super-high fevers, organs enlarged, low blood count, etc. So different medications were added to his treatment for the autoimmine disorder & nothing seemed to be working & further testing has lead them to believe that the diagnoses of Sarcoid wasnt correct & he may have a different type called ALPS (Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome). He was started on a new medication for ALPS, but within days of starting this new medication he developed an internal GI bleed (he is more susceptible to bleeding because of the hemophilia) & one of the side effects from the medication IS hemorrhaging…so back to the hospital they went to gain control of the bleeding in his stomach. They immediately discontinued the new medication along with the prednisone (he was recently put back on bc so far, its the only thing he has responded to in reguards to the symptoms from the autoimmune disease), unfortunately because they had to discontinue the steroid, he had another flare up. The GI bleed stopped after about 5 days (with receiving ’round the clock doses of clotting factor) & they were sent back out on the floor from the PICU. However, the symptoms from the autoimmune flare were not getting any better…He had a terrible, ‘dry’ cough and horrible fevers…the situation with his lungs continued to get worse & he got to a point where his level of oxygen was affected & around midnight June 28th, they were moved back to the PICU. Later in the day it was decided by his team of doctors (who are amazing) that the best thing to do at this point would be to intubate him. His little body had been through so much that he wasnt strong enough to heal and recover on his own, but once he was intubated, the vent would be doing all of the work FOR him and that he would be able to gain his strength and have a better chance of fighting off the infection in his lungs along with everything else. Being put on the vent required him to have to be in a medically induced coma/sedated & under a paralytic (so he couldnt move to prevent the possibility of pulling out the tube or any other IVs). They also gave him medicine to control pain as well as something that basically gives him amnesia in hopes that he won’t remember any of it…He stayed like this for about 8 days before they temporarily took him off the paralytic to check his level of sedation and pain management. He did GREAT. Stayed off for a total of 5 hours the first day! They have continued taking him off the paralytic for about 5 days now and each day he seems to get a little stronger and show a little more improvement. He still isnt ‘out of the woods’ by no means & has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he has come such a long way from where he started!
This image of sweet Ty always makes me cry! I can not imagine watching my child endure what Ty has endured! His mother is amazing! Laura and Ty desperately need our prayers and support! I am conducting a FUNDRAISER for this sweet family. If you would like to participate, please head to http://www.youravon.com/wendywynne, select ONLINE EVENTS and begin SHOPPING FOR A CAUSE! When you check out please put in the promotional code Fightingforty. A percentage of the sales will be given to Laura and Ty for any financial needs they may have. As I am very sure you can imagine, the financial burden that come with having a sick child are exponential!  Let’s help this amazing family!
Supporting others is VERY STYLISH!
Like the Fighting for Ty Facebook page for details of his journey!
Please send up many prayers and support Laura and Ty!!
B. Blessed!

Haute Momma…..or Daddy!

Ok Momma’s and Poppa’s….I get it, you’re busy!!! I like to call parenthood, “The hardest job you will ever LOVE!” Our days are filled with putting everyone else’s needs before our own….it’s just what we do. Im here to remind you to take some time for yourself! I’m sure you are thinking, “Time??? What Time….I’m not sure if I brushed my teeth this morning.” That’s gross, but I will admit I have done it before…don’t judge! 🙂

As parents, we want our kids to respect and look up to us. We want to inspire them to be GREAT! That’s a big job! What’s important to remember is that those little eyes are watching everything we do. I see so many parents give everything to their kidletts and put themselves on the back burner. Investing in your children is wonderful, but over time if you are not taking a “time out” to invest into yourself you will begin to run out of steam. No parent wants that! I suggest having a daily quiet time to meditate and study to help give your heart and soul a boost. Give yourself permission to enjoy a favorite hobby! Get together with the girls…or guys, for my poppa’s. AND, one of my favorites…..get up in the morning and put some effort into your style. You will be amazed at what a great outfit can do for your attitude! 

One of my favorite momma’s and style icons, Jaqueline Kennedy! She always looked well put together, stylish and happy! Her ensembles were always appropriate for the event, no matter a playdate at the park or an event with her husband. Let’s follow suite! I say NO MA’AM to sloppy, ill fitting parent clothes. It takes the same amount of energy to put together a great ensemble as it does a not so great one. So, why not wear a stylish, event appropriate outfit and feel great!! Seems like a no brainer to me!

Throw away those mom jeans….men you have mom jeans too!! Invest in a pair of jeans that fit well and compliment your body!

You can drop the kids off at school, get the shopping done, clean the house, have lunch with a friend, pick the kids up from school, have dinner on the table, put everyone to bed…….AND look STYLISH while doing it! It’s important to have staple pieces in your wardrobe…..shorts, jeans, comfy cotton t-shirts and button ups. Don’t forget to accessorize…you can take an outfit from plain to fantastic with jewelry and shoes!

I encourage you to take some time for yourself!!! Wake up, have your quiet time and get PROPERLY dressed! Your kids will notice you in a positive way and you will feel more fulfilled having invested in yourself! You will thank me later!

My personal favorite!!! 🙂 This momma is ready to take on the world!!

B. Blessed!


A little REWIRE here…A little STYLE there!

Let’s talk about an amazing man, actor and my dear friend Vince Pisani!

Vince is one of the kindest, most talented men I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling friend. He’s the kind of guy who would save you from getting hit by a bus and sacrifice himself in the process. Kind of like George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy! I must admit that I’m a huge Grey’s fan and any of you who share my love for the show know we ALL want a George O’Malley in our inner circle!

Sorry ladies….this man is taken!

 I have known Vince for year’s now and I have secretly wanted to style him from the moment I met him! He’s a great man with a great body and was hiding behind over sized clothing. This is a mistake many men and women make. Shame on you Vince Pisani for hiding behind all of those oversized clothes and keeping your hotness all to yourself :)!!!

The time finally came when I would get to style my dear friend! Styling is a process and just like any other lifestyle change, you have to be ready! Vince had recently finished Sam Christensen’s Workshop on Defining Your Personal Brand.  On a side note….the Sam Christensen Workshop is a must for any business professional! I have taken it and can attest that it is LIFE CHANGING! I will blog about the workshop very soon! (www.samchristensen.com)  Ok, back to Vince 🙂 With the help of Sam C., Vince learned how to embrace the essences that make him unique and special. One of my favorite essence statements assigned to Vince is, “Head of the Teddy Bear Mafia!” For those of you who know Vince well, know this statement is spot on! Now that Vince had a soul makeover, I could tackle his style.

We spent 3.5 hours in a dressing room trying different ensembles and talking about what works and what doesn’t. We also talked about why he was hiding behind his clothing. After a little heart to heart Vince knew he could not step backwards after seeing the new man in the mirror!  Vince walked into that dressing room shy and hiding behind oversized clothing and walked out a leading man, full of confidence! I was sooooo thrilled to see his transformation!  Look at the difference…his smile in the after photo says it all!

I was so blessed to experience Vince’s transformation. He was amazing before the makeover….I just enhanced his awesomeness with the Proper Style!

If you are ready for a Style Transformation, I can help give you the Proper Style!

B. Blessed!


Chic in the Heat!

In case you have not noticed….summer is in full swing! We are experiencing temperatures in the 100’s!!! It’s HOT outside! Now, just because it’s hot outside does not mean your style takes a backseat. There are so many fashion choices to keep you CHIC IN THE HEAT!

The key to keeping cool while still maintaining a stylish summer ensemble is in your fabric choices. Choose light weight fabrics that breathe easily…cotton, silks and chiffon blends.

Nothing hot about this outfit but the STYLE! This ensemble is perfect for the woman on the go! Lightweight, tailored pants, sophisticated blouse, a great blazer (in case you need to attend a meeting), adorable shoes and an amazing bag!  You can even substitute a tailored pair of shorts if you find your days events are a little more casual.

Are you noticing a trend? Great fit and cut, basics from your wardrobe, put them all together and you have a very stylish you! I can not express enough how important cut and fit are. To much extra fabric and room can work against you. Keep in mind that to little fabric and no extra breathing room will also work against you! I see my clients and women in general wearing clothing that does not fit them properly. Ill fitting clothing is a battle I am constantly fighting when working with women.

Always keep great dresses in your closet! I love a great dress! With the right dress you can run around town during the day in your flats. Then dress it up in the evening with a great pair of heels or wedges. Add a blazer or tailored jacket and your ready for the office! Don’t be afraid of fun prints! See how easy this is?

No more work out clothes posing as an “outfit.” There are so many more ways for you to look CHIC IN THE HEAT and stay comfy and cool!

Are you feeling inspired yet? You should be!! Now, get out there and be Chic in the Heat with the PROPER STYLE!



Neon Trend….Can you pull it off?

This summer it’s all about brights and neons. One of the HOTTEST fashion trends is the Neon Trend! When I first noticed neons were making a come back, I immediately flashed back to the big hair, crazy makeup, Cindy Lauper (love her) and 1980’s neon fashions I would like to stay far away from!

Wondering if you can rock this trend? I say, ABSOLUTELY!

 The neon trend is fun way to give your style a boost! You can keep it simple, but still make a big statement! Simply pair tailored shorts with a classic button up, add a great accessory and you have yourself an on trend, neon look you can be very proud to wear!

If you are feeling daring add a bold print! Choose one bold print as the point of focus and add in a coordinating color. You can keep the jewelry simple when using bold prints and colors.

There are so many ways to wear the neon trend. Find what’s right for you!

This look is for all of my ladies who are scared to try this hot trend! You to can wear this look well! Try pairing neutrals with a pop of neon. I love a clean simple ensemble!

 Rock your neon blouse with something neutral on bottom! For the office, stick to slacks (wide leg or skinny shapes are the best for the season) or a basic pencil skirt. You want to juxtapose this super trendy piece with something more basic, so look to your go-to office garb for pairing. Neons and charcoal or chocolate are great for the winter, but when it warms up, go for neutrals like creams, khaki or camel.

Let’s Talk Accessories!

Neon accessories work for any occasion. If you work in an conservative office, a neon accessory may be the only way to implement the trend at work. A skinny belt is a safe bet, as is a silk scarf. Tie the scarf loosely at the center of the neck and let it hang down the front of a tank or blouse under a suit jacket. A skinny neon belt can wrap the waist of a pencil skirt with belt loops and adds fashion forward appeal to a button-up white shirt and camel skirt. Don’t forget easy jewelry, like a big cuff. If you can’t wear trendy pieces to work, remember that a bracelet or earring in the color of the moment makes your look fun without distracting attention.

Are you feeling bold and inspired? I hope so! Now get out there and make a bold statement with your PROPER STYLE!

B. Blessed!