Red, White and Give me the Blues!

Red, White and Blue


Let’s celebrate our freedom, but do it with the PROPER STYLE!  Sure, it’s easy to throw on  a t-shirt and shorts to head to those 4th of July parties. Why not spice it up a little? I’m sure most of us have red, white and blue options in our closet. Pull those options from your wardrobe and let’s see if we can’t make you shine!

I’m a no fuss kind of gal, so I like to keep it simple while looking like a million bucks! Choose a simple top (in our red, white, and blue color scheme), pair it with skinny jeans or shorts and have fun accessorizing! You really can’t get this look wrong. However, remember the important rules that apply to all of your fashion options…..Proper Cut and Proper Fit. If you are wearing clothing that is not flattering to your body type, it doesn’t matter how fabulous the outfit is, it will not work.

If you notice, this outfit looks great! It can be a nice option for Independance Day….but it’s also a great look for everyday wear! The color Navy is considered a neutral color and it pairs nicely with just about any color you could choose. For instance: Yellows and mustards, pinks and reds, contrast blues (light blues and turquoise), oranges, (but I caution you with paring blue and orange together because people may mistake you for an Auburn fan and Im clearly an Alabama fan….hehe ;o), purples and other neutrals like grey, creams, and whites! A very EASY but STYLISH outfit!

Remember to add fun accessories! Compare accessories to ice cream sunday toppings! Add some sprinkles, chocolate sauce, oreos, nuts, whip cream and a cherry! All of those toppings allow that ice cream sunday to go from good to AMAZING! So, add a necklace, earrings, layer your watch with fun bracelets, throw in a fun hand bag and don’t you dare forget those fabulous shoes!!!!

Now, look at you looking so PROPERLY STYLISH!

Are you heading to a fancy celebration? Not a problem! Let’s step that outfit up a notched with pairing great prints! BIG RULE ALERT! Choose one bold print. You can pair it with another print, but make sure the secondary print does not over power or conflict with the main print. I love this outfit and it REALLY makes a great statement!

I really hope this post inspires you to choose an amazing 4th of July ensemble! You have a couple of days, so get to work! Look through your closet and pull some options. Or, If you have some splurge money, treat yourself to a very STYLISH patriotic outfit!


B. Blessed!



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