Chic in the Heat!

In case you have not noticed….summer is in full swing! We are experiencing temperatures in the 100’s!!! It’s HOT outside! Now, just because it’s hot outside does not mean your style takes a backseat. There are so many fashion choices to keep you CHIC IN THE HEAT!

The key to keeping cool while still maintaining a stylish summer ensemble is in your fabric choices. Choose light weight fabrics that breathe easily…cotton, silks and chiffon blends.

Nothing hot about this outfit but the STYLE! This ensemble is perfect for the woman on the go! Lightweight, tailored pants, sophisticated blouse, a great blazer (in case you need to attend a meeting), adorable shoes and an amazing bag!  You can even substitute a tailored pair of shorts if you find your days events are a little more casual.

Are you noticing a trend? Great fit and cut, basics from your wardrobe, put them all together and you have a very stylish you! I can not express enough how important cut and fit are. To much extra fabric and room can work against you. Keep in mind that to little fabric and no extra breathing room will also work against you! I see my clients and women in general wearing clothing that does not fit them properly. Ill fitting clothing is a battle I am constantly fighting when working with women.

Always keep great dresses in your closet! I love a great dress! With the right dress you can run around town during the day in your flats. Then dress it up in the evening with a great pair of heels or wedges. Add a blazer or tailored jacket and your ready for the office! Don’t be afraid of fun prints! See how easy this is?

No more work out clothes posing as an “outfit.” There are so many more ways for you to look CHIC IN THE HEAT and stay comfy and cool!

Are you feeling inspired yet? You should be!! Now, get out there and be Chic in the Heat with the PROPER STYLE!




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