A little REWIRE here…A little STYLE there!

Let’s talk about an amazing man, actor and my dear friend Vince Pisani!

Vince is one of the kindest, most talented men I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling friend. He’s the kind of guy who would save you from getting hit by a bus and sacrifice himself in the process. Kind of like George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy! I must admit that I’m a huge Grey’s fan and any of you who share my love for the show know we ALL want a George O’Malley in our inner circle!

Sorry ladies….this man is taken!

 I have known Vince for year’s now and I have secretly wanted to style him from the moment I met him! He’s a great man with a great body and was hiding behind over sized clothing. This is a mistake many men and women make. Shame on you Vince Pisani for hiding behind all of those oversized clothes and keeping your hotness all to yourself :)!!!

The time finally came when I would get to style my dear friend! Styling is a process and just like any other lifestyle change, you have to be ready! Vince had recently finished Sam Christensen’s Workshop on Defining Your Personal Brand.  On a side note….the Sam Christensen Workshop is a must for any business professional! I have taken it and can attest that it is LIFE CHANGING! I will blog about the workshop very soon! (www.samchristensen.com)  Ok, back to Vince 🙂 With the help of Sam C., Vince learned how to embrace the essences that make him unique and special. One of my favorite essence statements assigned to Vince is, “Head of the Teddy Bear Mafia!” For those of you who know Vince well, know this statement is spot on! Now that Vince had a soul makeover, I could tackle his style.

We spent 3.5 hours in a dressing room trying different ensembles and talking about what works and what doesn’t. We also talked about why he was hiding behind his clothing. After a little heart to heart Vince knew he could not step backwards after seeing the new man in the mirror!  Vince walked into that dressing room shy and hiding behind oversized clothing and walked out a leading man, full of confidence! I was sooooo thrilled to see his transformation!  Look at the difference…his smile in the after photo says it all!

I was so blessed to experience Vince’s transformation. He was amazing before the makeover….I just enhanced his awesomeness with the Proper Style!

If you are ready for a Style Transformation, I can help give you the Proper Style!

B. Blessed!



4 thoughts on “A little REWIRE here…A little STYLE there!

  1. Uhhmmmm, WOW, Vince. You definitely need to wear some more fitted shirts. Showing off some of that muscle adds a whole new dimension to the characters I would see you playing, as well as pleasing the ladies watching!

  2. Aw, sounds like you have a lovely friend there. I am sure his inner character while shine out from any outfit but you have chosen very well for him too. Nice one! Its a really interesting thing to get someone else style you. Quite scary I would think but he obviously trusted you a great deal. Mm, Im looking down at my work at home clothes here and I think I better dash off & spruce up now!

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