Haute Momma…..or Daddy!

Ok Momma’s and Poppa’s….I get it, you’re busy!!! I like to call parenthood, “The hardest job you will ever LOVE!” Our days are filled with putting everyone else’s needs before our own….it’s just what we do. Im here to remind you to take some time for yourself! I’m sure you are thinking, “Time??? What Time….I’m not sure if I brushed my teeth this morning.” That’s gross, but I will admit I have done it before…don’t judge! 🙂

As parents, we want our kids to respect and look up to us. We want to inspire them to be GREAT! That’s a big job! What’s important to remember is that those little eyes are watching everything we do. I see so many parents give everything to their kidletts and put themselves on the back burner. Investing in your children is wonderful, but over time if you are not taking a “time out” to invest into yourself you will begin to run out of steam. No parent wants that! I suggest having a daily quiet time to meditate and study to help give your heart and soul a boost. Give yourself permission to enjoy a favorite hobby! Get together with the girls…or guys, for my poppa’s. AND, one of my favorites…..get up in the morning and put some effort into your style. You will be amazed at what a great outfit can do for your attitude! 

One of my favorite momma’s and style icons, Jaqueline Kennedy! She always looked well put together, stylish and happy! Her ensembles were always appropriate for the event, no matter a playdate at the park or an event with her husband. Let’s follow suite! I say NO MA’AM to sloppy, ill fitting parent clothes. It takes the same amount of energy to put together a great ensemble as it does a not so great one. So, why not wear a stylish, event appropriate outfit and feel great!! Seems like a no brainer to me!

Throw away those mom jeans….men you have mom jeans too!! Invest in a pair of jeans that fit well and compliment your body!

You can drop the kids off at school, get the shopping done, clean the house, have lunch with a friend, pick the kids up from school, have dinner on the table, put everyone to bed…….AND look STYLISH while doing it! It’s important to have staple pieces in your wardrobe…..shorts, jeans, comfy cotton t-shirts and button ups. Don’t forget to accessorize…you can take an outfit from plain to fantastic with jewelry and shoes!

I encourage you to take some time for yourself!!! Wake up, have your quiet time and get PROPERLY dressed! Your kids will notice you in a positive way and you will feel more fulfilled having invested in yourself! You will thank me later!

My personal favorite!!! 🙂 This momma is ready to take on the world!!

B. Blessed!



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