Fall 2012 Fashion Trends…..

I’m here to make sure you are up to date on the latest FASHION TRENDS for 2012! We will discuss them and how to implement them into your wardrobe.

GOWNS and DRESSES with High Draped necklines! Finally, we can give those strapless bras a rest! This silhouette is extremely sophisticated. Most all body types can wear this high necked, draped look with ease. This trend is oozing romance with it’s ease of draping. Flowing satins and silks are at their best in this trend!

CRIMSON RED is the new black this season. Lucky for me, I’m an Alabama fan…ROLL TIDE ROLL! Needless to say, I’ll be at home in this color trend!  Skirts, dresses, pants, and comfy chic sweats have been seen walking the runways. While most of us will opt for a splash of this color paired with our neutrals, there are those daring few who will rock the look from head to toe! I say, BE BOLD AND GO FOR IT!

One of my all time faves….CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE!! Really, this trend can do no wrong. This look is easy to pull together. Add a chic b&w patterned shirt or blouse for a little more pizazz! And….YES, can wear white all year!

Ok….I’m going to say, “PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION” when wearing this trend.  Who doesn’t love a chunky comfy sweater? They are great. However, they can get out of hand pretty quickly. Use caution when selecting your sweaters. Make sure they are not too big and chunky. Also, your skirt or pants should be a little more fitted to the body. We don’t want you looking bigger than you are….and frumpy. :/ Just be careful!!

This is a fun trend! Cute, contrasting collars! Choose a shape that flatters your face: rounded edges for angular faces, and pointy tips for softer features. This look is for your inner Proper Lady!

The Little White Dress is not only for the summer any more! Add a belt to the LWD (little white dress)! Belting those white dresses gives the illusion of a smaller waist line. Have you noticed a Proper trend going on in the Fall 2012 trends? I have and this makes me very excited!

Wide Brim Hats are in! I love hats! They give a look of sophistication with a hint of mystery! Not to mention, they cover up a bad hair day….and we have ALL had our share of those! This is such a fun way to accessorize an ensemble! Little secret of mine…I like to find hats at Target! They are reasonably priced and always on trend!

Bold Black and White Prints!!! This trend is a great way to make a BOLD statement! You can choose a print from head to toe or keep it simple with selecting one wardrobe item to be your focal point. Add in a pop of color with amazing Crimson Red shoes and you are set!

Bohemian Print Dresses! This is a great trend that embodies a free spirited kind of style. Have fun choosing your prints and add a great little leather jacket to polish off the look! Add in a wide brim hat, if you must! 😉

Plaid is making a come back!!! I love it because it reminds me of the Holidays and whats not to love about the Holidays?! Not to mention….it’s a really fantastic look! Those plaids in Reds and Blacks are making their debut in a big way! Add a little plaid with a great jacket or be bold with a plaid suit!

Ok! So there you have it…some of the most popular Fall 2012 Fashion Trends! Do not get over whelmed with thinking you have to purchase all of these trends and do a wardrobe over haul. Simply pick up a few options and add them to the basics you have in your current wardrobe! Remember, Fashion is a way to express yourself…..so have FUN doing it!

Put the PROPER STYLE in everything you do!

B. Blessed,



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