Attention Everyone…..The Jean Shirt is Making a Comeback!!!

ATTENTION EVERYONE…..The Jean Shirt is Making a Comeback!!!

Finally, one of our old favorites is a fashion Yes Ma’am, again! …..And yes, I would absolutely wear a denim shirt with a full tulle skirt (minus that belt)! Maybe I’ll rock this look when my husband and I renew our wedding vows….Southern Chic Ya’ll 🙂

There are some Do’s and Don’ts to this look, we need to discuss. We can not have you running around in a jean shirt trend “No Ma’am,” now can we? 🙂

Absolutely pair your jean shirt with great, tailored trousers! Make sure both items fit well. If your clothing is too large for your frame, it can leave you looking bigger than you are. Neutral colors are a great choice when selecting your trousers, but don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with fun colors!

Effortless and Chic….Love it!

This look is fun and feminine! A little step down from the full tulle wedding skirt, I love so much. 🙂  Pull out those fun dresses and skirts, because we are going to give them a whole new look! Add the jean shirt to a full skirt and belt at the waist. You can use the same idea with a dress, by tying a knot in the shirt at the waistline. Leave a couple of buttons unbuttoned to allow the top of the dress to peek through. …….And, don’t for get to add great shoes and accessories to finish off the look!

Make it casual by adding a comfy tee and leaving the jean shirt unbuttoned……So easy and stylish!

I have not forgotten about you, gentlemen! You too can sport this trend! Keep it clean and simple by layering. A printed tee adds a little interest, while the jean shirt and khaki pant keep it casual. Pay close attention to the fit of these items. This look can go from a Do to a Don’t if the clothing is baggy!

Is the Jean Shirt Trend appropriate for the work place? Absolutely…. when paired with dress slacks and a blazer! A gentlemen wearing this outfit is definitely someone I want to conduct business with!

Feeling confident you can pull off this look? I hope so! Things to Remember: Select a Jean Shirt that fits you well and it can be dressed up or down with slacks, a dress, a skirt or skinny jeans.

Have Fun and put the Proper Style in Everything You Do!

B. Blessed,



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