Stylish Pant, Stylish Price!!!

I LOVE shopping for pretty much anything! Sometimes my shopping habits tend to get me in a little trouble. If you put me in a room full of items, hide the price tag and designer labels….I will, without fail pick out the most expensive items in the store!!! Some may call that quality a flaw. I like to think I have a very keen eye for FABULOUS things! 🙂

I have been on the hunt for great pants to carry me through every season. Tall order? Not for me! I have found a couple of pant styles that are great in cut, color, fabric, design……AND……PRICE!!! Victoria’s Secret loves to put merchandise on sale and I love to take advantage of those sales!

VS Siren Legging Pant…..Part Jean, Part Legging! It is available in Sweetheart Pink and Black and they are on sale for $19.99 from $49.50! I ordered a pair in Black. I can dress these pants up with one of the 100’s of blouses in my closet or dress them down with a cute cotton t-shirt! These are a must have for all seasons!

VS – The Kate Flare Pant! I love this pant! It is a cotton/spandex blend, which allows for stretching and is very comfy. It is fitted through the thigh with a flared leg and comes in many different colors. I made a bold choice and ordered a pair in crimson red to support my favorite college football team, Alabama (insert Rammer Jammer anthem here)  and carry me through the holiday season! What I love most about these is the price…..$16.99 from $49.50! What???? That’s ridiculous….in the best way! 🙂

VS – The Sofie Straight Leg Pant! Another great option that falls in between a skinny leg and flared leg. This pant also comes in great colors! Priced at $19.99 from $69.50 makes this pant a great buy…..geeeeez but 2 or 3 pairs!

You definitely need to act fast if you want to take advantage of these amazing pants! The prices are too amazing for them to hang around long. I really hope these finds inspire you to invest in yourself! Many times, women are spending so much time putting their family, friends and careers first, they forget about themselves! Or, maybe money is tight and there is no room in the budget for a wardrobe splurge. I am a momma and wife on a budget and the above finds not only helped me stay within my budget, but they allowed me to create looks for myself that I can be confident in and proud of……and that is priceless!

Remember to Put the Proper Style in Everything you do!

B. Blessed!



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