The Sweater….the Most Versatile Fall Clothing Item!

When you think of Fall/Winter, of course we think of comfy sweaters! I will admit when I hear the word, “Sweater” I immediately think of horrible holiday sweaters! Let’s not fall victim to “that” trend. Instead, let’s make sweaters stylish!

When it comes to comfy sweaters, you can never have enough! They are warm and they go with everything in your closet!

Head to the office in your “Preppy Chic” sweater look by layering it with a button up, great fitting slacks and eye catching accessories. This look is a bonus for all of you who’s office temperature is equivalent to Alaskan temperatures! Warm and Stylish….I love it!

Give the dresses in your closet an new life by adding a sweater and belt! This look also allows you to bring Spring/Summer weight dresses into the fall! An amazing tip that allows you to stretch your wardrobe across seasons.

Cable Knit Sweater with a Maxi Skirt for an amazing evening look? Absolutely! I love this look! It’s stylish, fashion forward and unexpected! Pay close attention to the length of your sweater. It should fall right along the hips. If the sweater is too long, it will cause you to look bulky and frumpy. We do not like those words when it comes to describing your look!

I love “All you can eat,” long sweaters! I coined this phrase for clothing that allows you to fully enjoy a feast without showing your full stomach! 🙂 Pair these sweaters with skinny jeans or legging and a great pair of boots!

Run your errands, but dress stylish while doing it! This fun, little off the shoulder number will do just the trick!

……And DO accessorize!

Men, you to can enjoy this look! Pair a great sweater with slacks or jeans!

I love a DIY Project! Choose a sweater from your closet, select faux leather in a metallic from your fabric store, and sew patches on the elbows of your sweater!                       LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Simple, Easy and Properly Stylish!

B. Blessed!



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