Game Day Runway…..Roll Tide Roll!

Long gone are the days of throwing on an old t-shirt and jeans to hit up your favorite college football game! Say goodbye to drab and boring football game fashion and say hello to the Game Day Runway!

Every girl wants to look good on game day…..that’s where all of the guys and cameare, of course! ūüôā It’s also fair to say the guys want to make a snazzy impression on the ladies. Whether you are there for the game, the tailgating, the beer, the ladies or the gentlemen, what better way to show your team spirit than by dressing to impress!

It’s no secret the Alabama Crimson Tide is Amazing! I am a huge fan of Alabama football! Having attended the U of A I have seen my share of great game day fashion……and some not so great game day fashion! Not to worry! I am going to teach you how to wear crimson red, white and houndstooth with the Proper Style!

There’s nothing sexier than a girl in a football jersey! This ensemble is for all of my hard core fans out there! Throw on a stylish pair of skinny jeans, a FORM FITTING Alabama Jersey, and Converse Chucks! The simplicity of this look allows you to have a little fun with hair and makeup. Put your locks in a simple but fun ponytail and rock a dramatic smokey with a neutral lip. Gentlemen, you too can rock this look…..minus the skinny jeans, ponytail and makeup! ūüôā This look is sure to have you cheering on the Crimson Tide while looking Game Day Chic!

A touch of class definitely has it’s place on game day! Nothing says “southern belle” quite like a strapless, sweetheart necklined, crimson red dress adorned with fabulous accessories! ¬†I love houndstooth, but to much of it can overwhelm an ensemble. Add the perfect amount of our signature print with a houndstooth clutch! Compliment the look by wearing Crimson Red lipstick and keeping the eye makeup neutral. Some of you are thinking….”A dress to a football game?” I say, “Yes MA’AM!” Sundresses in the proper cut, length and fit are a comfy way to take Game Day fashion to the next level!

Put a little Prep in Your Step! I love this preppy Alabama sweater! Paired with a simple chiffon blouse, skinny gray jeans, black boots and of course pearls, this ensemble will have you looking effortlessly sophisticated while chanting the Rammer Jammer Anthem!

Two major fashion trends for Fall 2012 are colored skinny jeans and the peplum! Dark crimson red jeans, a white peplum blouse, a houndstooth fedora and neutral wedges will have you on trend and looking amazing!

The denim shirt has made a comeback and I am a huge fan! Pairing your denim shirt with crimson red skinny jeans and boots will have you looking “girl next door” chic! All of the guys will want to throw the football with you! ūüôā This look is so simple! If you see me at an Alabama game this season….I will definitely be rocking this look!

This ensemble is for all of you edgy Alabama fans out there! Nothing says rock star quite like a tailored leather jacket, knee high boots, and an oversized bag. Taking this look to the field is easy! A form fitting crimson red top, a multi-layered gold necklace and houndstooth scarf is the perfect way to bring a little edge to your game day fashion!

GQ chic on game day??? YES, Please! Being Properly Stylish is not only for women! Guys, this is a great opportunity to impress the ladies…..and a good excuse to wear crimson red jeans! ūüôā You can have a relaxed look with a striped t-shirt, leather jacket and converse chucks. Or be David Beckham chic with a gray blazer, white fitted tee and aviators, or top of the class with a gray button up and black tie! Any of these ensembles are sure to turn heads!!

There are so many ways to celebrate your favorite team through fashion! I hope you are inspired by this Game Day Runway!

Now, get out there and cheer on the Crimson Tide…..with the PROPER STYLE!

B. Blessed!



All Buttoned Up!

The most classic shirt in fashion history is also the most versatile shirt! The classic button up has been through a transformation over the last 10 years! Say good bye to stiff cotton work shirts and say hello to chiffon and classic tailored cotton. I especially love a little embellishment on my button up! Sequins and pearls with your button up? Absolutely… moderation, of course! There are so many different ways to wear a button up!

For the Business Woman:

Pair your classic button up with a great pair of well fitting pants, layer with a fitted blazer, accessorize with statement jewelry and a great pair of shoes! This look is easy and effortless, but makes a powerful statement!

For the Mom On the Go:

Ok momma’s, listen up! I know you’re busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but it’s time to invest in yourself! I am a mom and I realize how easy it is to put everyone’s needs before your own. I want you ladies to look and feel beautiful…..and guess what??? It’s so easy! Jeans, a colorful button up and cute ballet flats will have you looking and feeling amazing! You can save the world in this outfit!

CAUTION:¬†DO NOT wear old, ill fitting jeans! Invest in a pair that fit well….No MOM JEANS aloud!

For the Woman Who Love’s To Get Out and Explore the World:

This look is all about layering! A jean button up paired with a tailored faux leather jacket is the way to go! Pile on the bracelets to add a touch of glam. It’s rustic with feminine touches.

For an Evening Out on the Town:

Yes, the classic button up can be effortless and sexy without trying too hard! Add your button up to a chic skirt and pair with ankle booties, a great clutch and statement jewelry! This look is great for date night or ladies night!

There are so many ways to wear your button up! Have fun selecting ensembles that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and Properly Stylish! ūüôā

B. Blessed!


Fashion Bargain or Fashion Bore…..How to Shop Clearance Racks!

Like most of you I LOVE a great fashion find, especially when it is on Sale! I always check out the clearance sections in my favorite stores in hopes of finding an amazing deal. While shopping the sale racks can be wonderful, it can also be a way to fill your closest with items you will never wear!

Here are my tips for finding a Fashion Bargain!

1. Clearance shopping does require rummaging through full racks in search of buried treasure! There are some great finds, but they are often hidden amongst unstylish, unflattering, ill made garments because no one else wanted them.

2. Here’s a little secret of mine…..Peel back the clearance sticker to see the original price. Ask yourself, “Is this garment worth full price?” If the answer is, “No” put it back. This garment will surely hang in your closet and never be worn!

3. If you do find that little treasure, TRY IT ON!!! Often times items are on the sale racks because they are an abnormal size or shape. Does it fit you well? Does the color or pattern compliment you? Make sure to check for holes, stains and pulls in the fabric. Now, I am crafty gal and can repair minor imperfections in clothing. If you, however are not a DIY-er, buying a garment with a ripped seam is not for you…..put it back! You will most likely never get around to learning how to repair it or taking it to a seamstress (which may end up costing you more $$$ in the long run).

4. Be patient and willing to walk away empty handed! Some days you may be more successful than others. Sales are always going on! I would rather you save that $10 and put it towards a garment you LOVE!

5. Push through the madness! Sale sections are often messy and unorganized. See beyond the mess…A little perseverance can go a long way!

I hope these tips help save you a little money and keep you from bringing home a fashion “No Ma’am!”

Remember, just because it’s on Sale does not mean you HAVE to buy it! Bargains are everywhere. Be smart with your money and willing to wait on a great Fashion Find!

Happy Shopping!

B. Blessed,


Shoes every woman should have….

Shoes every woman should have....
I don’t know about you, but SHOES are my guilty pleasure! I often choose the shoes I want to wear before selecting my outfit. They are so versatile and have the ability to change the look and feel of an ensemble instantly!
……And let’s be honest, they usually always fit! You do not have to worry about outgrowing them….kind of like trying to fit into your skinny jeans after you have eaten a buffet of sweet treats! Ya’ll know what I’m talking about!! ūüôā
I love shoes so much that I buy them even when I don’t necessarily need them! But, let’s chat about the shoe must-haves for every woman’s closet!!
The 1st and one of the most important pairs of shoes to have is the ever classic nude pump! Pumps in a skin matching shade have the power to lengthen those stems and give the appearance you are longer and leaner than you might actually be! Even though you have a neutral pump, you can still have fun with them by selecting a peep toe, platform or faux animal skin! The best quality about the nude pump is that they pair perfectly with everything!
We are cruising into Fall…one of my favorites seasons!! You must have a great pair of ¬†fall/winter boots! I love all kinds of boots……tall, short, flat, stilletoed, wedged, and sky high! There are so many options to choose from. I say, why not have them all! However, most people like to have a “go-to” boot that is versatile. You can’t go wrong with a tall, flat boot in brown or black! They go perfectly with jeans, leggings and dresses!
Giving everyday dresses and jeans a chic flair, ballet flats are a must in every wardrobe! They are available in so many different styles, colors, patterns and prints!
This fall I have fallen in love with the leopard printed loafer… inspired with a chic feminine flair! These little numbers are perfect for running errands, picking up the kids, and especially slipping into after a long night of fun ( I like to keep a pair of flats in my purse as a backup for my sky high heels)! Be bold and select a pair in a bright color or even studded!
The wooden platform is a fun addition to your collection! This is the shoe you wear when you don’t want to be flashy in pumps or casual in flats! I love them because they are a daytime shoe that transitions easily into night time fun!
Converse Chuck Taylors…..Oh how I love these edgy, chic, canvas shoes! I wear my Chucks all of the time! I am constantly chasing my almost 2 year old daughter around! Chucks give me the comfort I need without sacrificing style! They are available in many colors……have fun choosing a fun style perfect for you!
They are our favorite Sex in the City gal, Sarah Jessica Parker’s pick while she runs around NYC!
The most versatile shoe of all time……The Black Stiletto! This shoe has stood the test of time! Black Stiletto’s will take you from the office to dinner and everywhere in between!
Metallic Stilettos…..ahhhhh, get a pair in silver and in gold! Make sure they are fabulous and pair them with skinny jeans, cocktail dresses or even the not so fabulous bridesmaid dress!
Oh how I LOVE SHOES! Have fun giving your shoe collection a stylish boost!
Put the Proper Style in Everything you do!!
B. Blessed!

Christian louboutin boots

Christian louboutin shoes

Brunello Cucinelli flat shoes

Casadei platform shoes

Tory Burch flat

Flat shoes

Aldo shoes

Sports shoes

Wedge boots

Ballet shoes

Black flat

How to Peplum…….

The Peplum…..


  1. A short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse.
  2. (in ancient Greece) A woman’s loose outer tunic or shawl.


This Ultra Sheek Silhouette made its appearance last fall and it’s safe to say that the Peplum is here to stay!
……Well, at least for the foreseeable future!
The question is, do you know how to wear it? It can pose as a fashion obstacle for some, but when you master the art of the peplum it will become a mainstay in your wardrobe! Peplums are more versatile than you think! They can enhance an ensemble with a look of sophistication, style and class!
Pair the Peplum with your favorite skinny jeans in a denim wash or have fun with a colored pant!
Sleek pants with a feminine peplum is a stand out way to look sweet with a rock vibe.
Give masculine suiting a feminine touch by adding a peplum!
A fresh color palette and an amazing peplum paired with a pencil skirt will have you turning heads at any event!
For all of my bold fashionista’s……Use your peplum as a vest, layer it with a button up, and add a bold pant! Love the leather Peplum!
The Peplum is a friend to most every body type! It defines the true waist and enhances the hip. You can keep you skirt or pant slim fitting or full flared!
Have fun trying this feminine silhouette!
Put the Proper Style in Everything You Do!
B. Blessed!

Alexander mcqueen

Dorothy perkin

Alice Olivia peplum top

Peplum top

River island

Armani Collezioni peplum jacket


Alexander mcqueen

What Does Color Say About You!

Color is a fun and easy way to express yourself! But, do you know what it’s saying about you? Let’s break down the Psychology of Color!

Red¬†is a very strong color. It is a noticeable color that is often used on caution and warning signs. It is often associated with stop or “beware”. It‚Äôs a hot color that evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war. Red is a good color to use for accents that need to take notice over other colors. Red is often used in flags for nations, as it is a symbol of pride and strength. It is also a sporty color that many car manufactures choose to showcase their signature vehicles. Where this color whenever you want to make a bold statement!

Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color. Yellow is often used for toys and clothes. This color exudes youthfulness!

Green¬†is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies use green in their logos and material to advertise safe natural products. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being “green.”

Blue¬†is a cool calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. It is a popular color among large corporations, hospitals and airlines.¬† It is a color of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Blue has a calming effect on the psyche. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and often reminds me of relaxing with a refreshing beverage on my favorite beach :). Blue is a color that generally looks good in almost any shade and pretty much everyone! I do not know a single person who doesn’t look great in a shade of blue!

Pink, especially those lighter shades are soft and nurturing. Light pinks can be ¬†associated with blooming flowers portraying delicacy and simplicity. This shade is also commonly associated with vintage or timeless feelings of nostalgia. I think of old movies….all of the most polished women wore light shades of pink and cream.

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. I like this one! It symbolizes mystery, magic, power and luxury. Purple is often used to portray rich powerful kings, leaders, wizards and magicians. Purple combined with gold can be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance. Light purple and pink is good for a feminine design and is a popular color among teenage girls. It is also associated with creativity!

Whites and Creams are commonly associated with purity, cleanliness, freshness and goodness. Think of freshly fallen snow, a white or cream bridal gown, and in most fairytales the Prince often rides in on a white horse. This is also a color of class! I think of a classic, crisp white suit for men or women… always looks amazing!

Black is a very powerful color that also portrays one of class, elegance and wealth. ¬†Some of the best clothing is designed in black from the “power suit” to the “little black dress” to formal “black-tie attire”. Black combined with other colors can make a very strong statement. Black is also associated with negative things such as evil, black mail, black listed, and witch craft (all the witches in film have black hair and black clothing…except for Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of OZ). Black is a color of POWER!

I find the Psychology of Color extremely interesting! My closet if filled with a splash of all of these colors….I guess I exude qualities found in every color! My favorite colors are cream and black combos…..I like to show that I am powerful and sexy with a touch of purity and class! What does your favorite color say about you?

The psychology of color is great to consider when your dressing for a job interview, a first date, meeting “the parents”, public speaking, or even going to a formal event!

Have fun with this knowledge of color and remember to:


B. Blessed,


Vivienne Westwood blouse

So Couture peplum shirt

Vero Moda green top

Chiffon blouse

A Wear chiffon top

River Island sleeveless top