Fashion Bargain or Fashion Bore…..How to Shop Clearance Racks!

Like most of you I LOVE a great fashion find, especially when it is on Sale! I always check out the clearance sections in my favorite stores in hopes of finding an amazing deal. While shopping the sale racks can be wonderful, it can also be a way to fill your closest with items you will never wear!

Here are my tips for finding a Fashion Bargain!

1. Clearance shopping does require rummaging through full racks in search of buried treasure! There are some great finds, but they are often hidden amongst unstylish, unflattering, ill made garments because no one else wanted them.

2. Here’s a little secret of mine…..Peel back the clearance sticker to see the original price. Ask yourself, “Is this garment worth full price?” If the answer is, “No” put it back. This garment will surely hang in your closet and never be worn!

3. If you do find that little treasure, TRY IT ON!!! Often times items are on the sale racks because they are an abnormal size or shape. Does it fit you well? Does the color or pattern compliment you? Make sure to check for holes, stains and pulls in the fabric. Now, I am crafty gal and can repair minor imperfections in clothing. If you, however are not a DIY-er, buying a garment with a ripped seam is not for you…..put it back! You will most likely never get around to learning how to repair it or taking it to a seamstress (which may end up costing you more $$$ in the long run).

4. Be patient and willing to walk away empty handed! Some days you may be more successful than others. Sales are always going on! I would rather you save that $10 and put it towards a garment you LOVE!

5. Push through the madness! Sale sections are often messy and unorganized. See beyond the mess…A little perseverance can go a long way!

I hope these tips help save you a little money and keep you from bringing home a fashion “No Ma’am!”

Remember, just because it’s on Sale does not mean you HAVE to buy it! Bargains are everywhere. Be smart with your money and willing to wait on a great Fashion Find!

Happy Shopping!

B. Blessed,



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