All Buttoned Up!

The most classic shirt in fashion history is also the most versatile shirt! The classic button up has been through a transformation over the last 10 years! Say good bye to stiff cotton work shirts and say hello to chiffon and classic tailored cotton. I especially love a little embellishment on my button up! Sequins and pearls with your button up? Absolutely… moderation, of course! There are so many different ways to wear a button up!

For the Business Woman:

Pair your classic button up with a great pair of well fitting pants, layer with a fitted blazer, accessorize with statement jewelry and a great pair of shoes! This look is easy and effortless, but makes a powerful statement!

For the Mom On the Go:

Ok momma’s, listen up! I know you’re busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but it’s time to invest in yourself! I am a mom and I realize how easy it is to put everyone’s needs before your own. I want you ladies to look and feel beautiful…..and guess what??? It’s so easy! Jeans, a colorful button up and cute ballet flats will have you looking and feeling amazing! You can save the world in this outfit!

CAUTION: DO NOT wear old, ill fitting jeans! Invest in a pair that fit well….No MOM JEANS aloud!

For the Woman Who Love’s To Get Out and Explore the World:

This look is all about layering! A jean button up paired with a tailored faux leather jacket is the way to go! Pile on the bracelets to add a touch of glam. It’s rustic with feminine touches.

For an Evening Out on the Town:

Yes, the classic button up can be effortless and sexy without trying too hard! Add your button up to a chic skirt and pair with ankle booties, a great clutch and statement jewelry! This look is great for date night or ladies night!

There are so many ways to wear your button up! Have fun selecting ensembles that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and Properly Stylish! 🙂

B. Blessed!



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