New Year Better You

You can find me walking into this New Year with all kinds of confidence and positivity. Don’t you love waking up to all of the newness and fresh possibilities?

I kind of feel unstoppable! Like, I’m about to boss up on 2019!


**Disclaimer….I’m a trained actor, this is a set gun, and no one was harmed in the making of this awesome show on Investigation Discovery.**

Anyone else? Oh, not that extreme. Okay…I’ll just be over here trying not to feel awkward about being a bit dramatic.

In all honesty….I wasn’t always filled with this much zeal for the New Year. Looking back, I realized it was because I was doing a poor job of taking care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love me. I just fell into the rhythm of putting everyone else’s needs before my own. Chasing babies around the house, being an Uber driver for my kids, sneaking veggies into meals for my sugar obsessed loves, laundry (so much laundry) and supporting my husband are all amazing things and I will always love doing them. But, this year I am making self care a priority.

It seems like a simple thing, right? Why in the world was it so hard for me? It’s pretty simple actually. I said “Yes” to everyone else which often times resulted in a “No” for the things I needed and wanted for myself. Can I get an amen from all of the self sacrificing women out there?

No pitty parties over hear…just revelation knowledge. Hallelujah!! The more you know….the more you either change things or stay in the same mediocrity you’ve help create.

Self Care “Yes’s” for Me

  1. Quality time with God. An absolute must if I want to be a bright and shiny human out in these streets!
  2. Eat healthy and stay active!
  3. Take time off when I’m sick or feeling overwhelmed…..and not feel guilty about it!
  4. Dress up for all of the things. I love fashion and it makes me feel amazing!
  5. Go all in on my acting career which, means taking time to push myself past my fears, working with other creatives and tons of mindset and emotional training.
  6. Press into all of the emotions I have and stop judging myself so harshly!
  7. Take care of my appearance! It matters and does wonders for your confidence.

I’m happy to report the joke’s on 2019 because, I started doing some of these before the New Year!

One of my favorite self care “Yes’s” is with my appearance. Feeling your best on the outside has a big impact on your mind and heart. I’ve recently started to really care for my skin. I mean, come on….it is the largest organ of our body. We should be showering it with TLC!  Our skin protects us from all kinds of dangers and has a pretty big job in doing so.

Can I be really honest? Mom/Woman guilt is a real thing for me and I put off caring for my skin for a really long time. That was until I met the skin care angels of Aesthetic Specialty Center!  Kim and Melissa are among the absolute best in the biz and guided me through some amazing treatments that have boosted my confidence and enhanced my skin care game.


I thought it would be fun to take you guys along while I had my most recent treatment, Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through collagen stimulation with zero recovery time. Over the course of your treatment it can fade acne scarring and promote overall healthy skin tones.

I say, “YASSSSSSSSS” to all of that!

See how much fun it is to Treat Yo Self?!

To help you get started on your Self Care journey my girls of ASC are offering 20% off of your Laser Genesis Treatment! Happy 2019 to you!! All there’s left to do is to schedule your appointment with Kim Bogash and mention my name.

Cheers to living your best life and to loving yourself well in 2019!




Fall and Pumpkin Patches…

It’s finally fall here in Atlanta…..well, kind of. There are still a few days where the temperature sneaks into the 80’s. Gotta love those southern seasons!

Anyone who knows me, knows of my love for the holiday seasons! I mean, I am seriously ready to put up the Christmas tree and it is only the middle of October! I love all of those warm fuzzies that come along with holidays.

This year we have been to both an apple orchard and a pumpkin farm.

Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville, GA is my absolute favorite! It has become a yearly fall tradition for my little family. It is about an hour drive through the most beautiful landscape. Farm land, cows, horses and little antique shops guide you all the way to the farm.

The pumpkins at Burt’s are amazing! There are hay rides and yummy eats to enjoy. They also have a little country store where I have been known to pick up a few jars of the most delicious Apple Butter. You must buy the Apple Butter!!



These baby pumpkins are always a favorite of Stella’s. She takes in every detail before selecting the perfect one….just like her momma.


My sweet Stella pondered long and hard over which baby pumpkin was chosen to come home with us. She’s my detailed girl and I love that about her!



Liam took the pick it up and throw it approach. My propriety was kicking in hard as I apologized to other farm goers for the flying pumpkins. 🙂


Man, I love watching this little one explore!


Have you noticed Stella and Liam’s sweet little pumpkin monogrammed shirts? I absolutely love them! They are perfect for the fall season! Jennifer at Plum Happy is responsible for all of this cuteness!


You guys, my heart breaks a little with each passing day as this amazing little lady grows older! She is growing into such a wonderful person. Her heart explodes with joy, love and compassion. I’m so happy she is mine!


I love this shot of me and my little honey!



You guys, the pumpkins at Burt’s are the size of small children. It’s pretty spectacular!



We love visiting Burt’s Pumpkin Farm!

Oh The Places We Will Go….In ATL

Hi fellow Properly Stylish people! These summer days are flying by and I can barely keep up! We have been busy with having as much fun as possible before the school year begins. I am always on the lookout for fun family outings! My favorite spots are those that offer both a fun experience and a learning experience.

I think we have found that perfect combo in the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.


I will be honest the drive to the museum was less than Properly Stylish. Liam is teething and boy has he had a tough time! The last place he wanted to be was in a car seat for a 45 minute drive!


Poor little lamb! Moving from car seat to stroller did not help matters! And so the adventure to the Children’s Museum begins! Don’t worry, he stopped crying as soon as we walked through those doors!


Seriously! Look at this place!! How in the world could you be sad with all of the fun adventures you can have here?


Look at these faces…..Pure joy! It was Stella and Liam’s first fishing experience and they loved every second! They splashed around and yes, they got wet!! It was wonderful to let them enjoy getting messy as they explored!


Liam absolutely loves water! He would have gone for a swim if I would have allowed him. 🙂

Cm grocery.jpg

The next spot we visited was the mini grocery store! Not only is it adorable, but it teaches the benefits of having fresh and healthy food from Farm to Table!


As you can see, Liam loves his fresh veggies. Stella, on the other hand is a little more selective with her food choices.


She may have a particular palate but the girl can milk a cow like a boss! I loved this area so much! She actually learned how to milk a cow!!


I try to explain where our food comes from to my kiddos. Today, it finally clicked! Milking this cow brought up a bunch of new topics to talk about. “Mom, why do we drink cows milk when you make Momma’s Milk? Wait, is the chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A a real chicken? (insert her sad face)” Good questions sweet girl! We will save those questions for another blog post. 🙂


Liam loved this life size tractor so much! He was definitely in his happy place! Can you tell he has totally skipped his morning nap at this point?

I really believe Stella could have stayed and painted for days! She loved this painting station!

This may have been one of my favorite moments of the day! Stella was using “The Force” to open the elevators. Haha!!

There were so many fun activities and learning centers! There were crafting rooms and party rooms. The science center was mind blowing! We even were able to enjoy our snacks upstairs and chat about all of our favorite learning centers. My mommy-heart was bursting!

I have to mention the nursing mothers room! You guys, it was so wonderful to have a place to nurse Liam and allow him to have a few quiet moments! All of the excitement can be very stimulating.

We love the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and we had such a wonderful time learning while playing! Planning our next visit is already under way.


Hands on learning is definitely Properly Stylish!