Saturday Style Chic Must Haves Under $100

Feeling the need to add a few Chic items to your fashion collection without having buyers remorse? I’m always in the market for great pieces at great prices! Here are few of my faves!


Hopefully you have made room in your jewelry box or better yet, invested in a bigger treasure chest for some amazing new pieces!

The Large Infinity Necklace from By Philippe is simplistic, sophisticated style at it’s best! It pairs perfectly with any ensemble and layers effortlessly with other jewels! Get it now at!


The Tinley Road Snake Embossed Cuff is stunning…and the price is just right! Head over to to snag this treasure!


Add polish and sophistication to any ensemble with a tailored white blazer! I love, love, love white for every season! A blazer is such an important staple in your collection. Add it to everything from a tee shirt and jeans to the infamous little black dress! And, at $49.95 you can not pass up this blazer from H & M!


Oh, The Power Pump, how I have missed you! I am so thrilled you are back in my life! This sexy sling back with chain detail will surely make your tootsie’s happy! Order them from for under $50……what???!!!


HOBO INTERNATIONAL puts a smile on my face with every piece in their collections! You can not live without the Eliza wallet! Normally priced at $118, it is a steal at SHOPPRIVATEGALLERY.COM for $70.80!

All this talk about my fashion faves gets me in the shopping mood! Ladies this is a great gift guide for you loved one! Send ’em over and make shopping for Valentine’s Day effortless and Properly Stylish! Happy Shopping!

Put the Proper Style in Everything You Do!

B. Blessed!



Life In Black and White….

cr1It’s true…..the leaders in fashion design have given us permission to fill our closets with Black and White! If you’re are anything like me, you never really needed permission. 🙂 My closet is filled with everything from black and white dresses to blouses! The runways have been filled with head-to-toe black and white designs. I hold a sweet spot in my heart for Black and White fashion ensembles. The pairing is classic, timeless and simple to put together.


From Alexander Wang to Michael Kors, these high contrast looks of black and white are anything but boring! This season’s trend gives you freedom to pair bold black and white prints. ….If prints tend to overwhelm you, not to worry, keeping the trend simplistic with clean lines is the way to go!


It would be a magically fashionable world if we all rolled out of bed looking like we were plucked right off of Dior’s runway! The reality is we have families to care for, corporate ladders to climb, and a household budget we all wished was much larger! Let’s go over some ways you can rock this trend and look properly stylish!


Style Tip 1: Keep it simple!

The easiest and most economical way to wear this trend is to use black and white staples you already own! Everyone should have options to choose from, so shop in your closet before heading to your favorite stores! Pair items like a white tee with a black pencil skirt or skinny pants and accessorize with statement jewelry and a pair of pumps.


Style Tip 2: Experiment with Bold Prints

Feeling a little bold this season? Go wild pairing several black and white printed pieces in one look. …..Or you can select one printed piece for a more subtle approach. For instance, a printed pant with a black or white blouse.


Style Tip 3: Play with Textures

Leather and Lace anyone? You get the idea! 🙂


Style Tip 4: Try Something Color Blocked

If your a minimalist when it comes to style, then you are going to love all of the color blocked options!


Pretty simple, right? Will you be wearing black and white this spring? I would love to hear your thoughts on this Spring 2013 Black and White Trend!

Put the Proper Style in Everything you do!

B. Blessed,


Leather and Legs……

One of the latest trends for the fall season is leather pants and leggings. I’m a fan! This is Rocker Chic at it’s finest. This trend can be amazing with the right top…..however, it can head south quickly with the wrong ones!

To rock this look PROPERLY, allow the leather pant to be the focal piece. Keep the top simple by selecting button ups, chunky sweaters, cotton t-shirts, and blazers. This allows the pant to be the star and top, the supporting role.

Leather pants are rocker chic and HOT, HOT, HOT! Keeping the top simple, but Properly Stylish allows this ensemble to be in perfect balance. We wouldn’t wanting you attracting the wrong kind of attention….now would we? 🙂

If the leather pant trend has you a little hesitant……try a patchwork leather pant! With little patches of leather you can still achieve this rocker trend…..but in small doses! 🙂

Have fun adding great accessories! Amazing shoes are a must. Boots, pumps, sky high heels, wedges, or even your favorite pair of converse chucks are an easy way to take this look to the next level! If you are wearing a simple t-shirt with the leather pant, don’t forget your statement necklace and fabulous bag.

Real leather pants can be a big investment. You can try out this trend by selecting a faux leather pant and keep you wallet happy!

Remember, too much of good thing is not always a good thing. You do not want your ensemble to look forced. Keep the leather pants fancy and the top simple!

Put the Proper Style in Everything You Do!

B. Blessed!


DO’s and DON’Ts: Bringing Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall!

It’s blazing hot outside. No, wait, now it’s freezing! How am I suppose to pick an outfit? If this is the internal monologue running rampant in your head, not to worry! I am going to break down the DO’s and DONT’s of bringing your summer wardrobe into fall!

1. DO Add tights and boots to summer dresses. As we transition into fall you don’t have to take your favorite summer dresses out of your wardrobe rotation. Throw on a pair of opaque tights under your summer frock, add fall wedged booties and you are ready to pound the pavement in style!

2. DO Add a comfy sweater or blazer to your summer dress. The ever classic blazer should be a staple in your wardrobe. It can be added to anything from dresses to jeans for an instant ensemble upgrade. I love a great comfy sweater! And, you should too because it  is a major fall fashion trend for 2012! It will also keep you cozy during those chilly nights out with the girls!

3. DO accessorize with an oversized hand bag! Not only can you store you most important items, but you can also use the extra space to keep a scarf or use it to put your discarded sweater in if you get a little warm!

4. DO fall in love with scarves! They are the perfect accessory to add to any ensemble during seasonal transitions.

AND Now for the DONT’s!

1. DON’T over accessorize! A scarf, opaque or patterned tights, a hat, an ornate belt and dramatic shoes are great friends when you’re transitioning into fall……just don’t bring them ALL out to play at the same time!

2. DON’T wear it if it doesn’t fit you. Fit is everything! Do not wear it if it is too big or too small! This is especially important when you are layering items. Oversized, ill fitting pants layered with boots, a chunky sweater, scarf and an oversized handbag will leave you looking messy and larger than your actual size.

Transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall can be easy and stylish! Remember the DO’s and DON’Ts  and have fun putting the Proper Style in everything you do!

B. Blessed,


Falling for Boots!

It’s college football season and there are a number of things true about college football fans: Southern Belles are real sweet until college football season comes along, college football is a major religion, you should never get married during college football season, and only in the South is college football season an excuse to dress up! All of these are true, especially the last one. There’s nothing like a little school spirit to kick up your game day ensemble!

As much as we love summer, we’re willing to welcome fall back into our lives for two reasons: Fabulous Fall Boots and College Football!

Boots are a great way to look amazing and stay comfortable from tailgating to over-time! With so many different styles trending for the fall, there’s a boot out there for everyone! Where do you find great boots at a great price? I have scoured the internet for Fall’s Best Boots Under $100!

1. The Equestrian Riding Boot is a must have for this fall! The Madden Girl LUNDUNN knee high boot is a perfect addition to any outfit. Priced at $77 on, it’s a perfect for your fall collection!            

2. The Cowboy Boot is one of the most popular trends on game day. The Sanguine, another great design by Steve Madden from his line Madden Girl can be found on Pair this boot with a feminine dress or skinny jeans.

3. The BP ‘Trolley’ Ankle boot is one of my favorite styles. It pairs perfectly with jeans! Get it at for $99.95

4. The Wedge Lace-Up Bootie from Colin Stuart will instantly elevate your style this season! Front laces, buckles, and a sky high wedge heel will add a little edge to any ensemble. At $89 this shoe is a steal from

5. Sole Society ‘Josslyn’ Platform Bootie is an amazing find at for $59! This platform bootie propped up with a chunky heel adds style and sophistication to those skinny jeans.

For all of you Georgia Bulldog Fans!!

This is one of my favorite looks taking college football season by storm! Pair your favorite dress and leather jacket with cowboy boots. Cowboy boots give a polished look to jeans and a more down-to-earth feel to dresses! This look will have you looking amazing and while staying comfy.

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans, a comfy shirt, edgy boots and sexy curls!

A new pair of trendy boots is the best way to celebrate fall and college football! Every woman should have a pair…..or two, or three! 🙂 Get out there and find the perfect boot to fit your style!

Put the Proper Style in Everything You Do!

B. Blessed!


All Buttoned Up!

The most classic shirt in fashion history is also the most versatile shirt! The classic button up has been through a transformation over the last 10 years! Say good bye to stiff cotton work shirts and say hello to chiffon and classic tailored cotton. I especially love a little embellishment on my button up! Sequins and pearls with your button up? Absolutely… moderation, of course! There are so many different ways to wear a button up!

For the Business Woman:

Pair your classic button up with a great pair of well fitting pants, layer with a fitted blazer, accessorize with statement jewelry and a great pair of shoes! This look is easy and effortless, but makes a powerful statement!

For the Mom On the Go:

Ok momma’s, listen up! I know you’re busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but it’s time to invest in yourself! I am a mom and I realize how easy it is to put everyone’s needs before your own. I want you ladies to look and feel beautiful…..and guess what??? It’s so easy! Jeans, a colorful button up and cute ballet flats will have you looking and feeling amazing! You can save the world in this outfit!

CAUTION: DO NOT wear old, ill fitting jeans! Invest in a pair that fit well….No MOM JEANS aloud!

For the Woman Who Love’s To Get Out and Explore the World:

This look is all about layering! A jean button up paired with a tailored faux leather jacket is the way to go! Pile on the bracelets to add a touch of glam. It’s rustic with feminine touches.

For an Evening Out on the Town:

Yes, the classic button up can be effortless and sexy without trying too hard! Add your button up to a chic skirt and pair with ankle booties, a great clutch and statement jewelry! This look is great for date night or ladies night!

There are so many ways to wear your button up! Have fun selecting ensembles that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and Properly Stylish! 🙂

B. Blessed!


Fashion Bargain or Fashion Bore…..How to Shop Clearance Racks!

Like most of you I LOVE a great fashion find, especially when it is on Sale! I always check out the clearance sections in my favorite stores in hopes of finding an amazing deal. While shopping the sale racks can be wonderful, it can also be a way to fill your closest with items you will never wear!

Here are my tips for finding a Fashion Bargain!

1. Clearance shopping does require rummaging through full racks in search of buried treasure! There are some great finds, but they are often hidden amongst unstylish, unflattering, ill made garments because no one else wanted them.

2. Here’s a little secret of mine…..Peel back the clearance sticker to see the original price. Ask yourself, “Is this garment worth full price?” If the answer is, “No” put it back. This garment will surely hang in your closet and never be worn!

3. If you do find that little treasure, TRY IT ON!!! Often times items are on the sale racks because they are an abnormal size or shape. Does it fit you well? Does the color or pattern compliment you? Make sure to check for holes, stains and pulls in the fabric. Now, I am crafty gal and can repair minor imperfections in clothing. If you, however are not a DIY-er, buying a garment with a ripped seam is not for you…..put it back! You will most likely never get around to learning how to repair it or taking it to a seamstress (which may end up costing you more $$$ in the long run).

4. Be patient and willing to walk away empty handed! Some days you may be more successful than others. Sales are always going on! I would rather you save that $10 and put it towards a garment you LOVE!

5. Push through the madness! Sale sections are often messy and unorganized. See beyond the mess…A little perseverance can go a long way!

I hope these tips help save you a little money and keep you from bringing home a fashion “No Ma’am!”

Remember, just because it’s on Sale does not mean you HAVE to buy it! Bargains are everywhere. Be smart with your money and willing to wait on a great Fashion Find!

Happy Shopping!

B. Blessed,